Why Is My Cat Acting Weird?

Even when you’ve had them for years, cat behavior can still be weird, and these sudden changes can be frustrating. It may seem like your rowdy cat wants to ruin your happiness, but they just might be signaling that something is wrong. Here are some explanations behind your cat acting weird.

1. A cat acting weird might signal depression

Is your cat acting strangely? She might be depressed. A cat acting weird may be depressed. Do you remember how you felt when your last relationship ended? You stayed in bed all day, didn’t bathe, didn’t change your clothes. Mom might have even called and threatened that she would come over if you didn’t shove food into your mouth at this moment.

A cat who has lost a companion may behave similarly. They may leave their food untouched for days, ignoring even treats. They hide under the bed. They are indifferent about grooming because “sigh” what’s the point? And they sleep even more than his usual 16 hours per day.

What to do:

What a depressed cat needs more than anything are patience and TLC. Coax them out of hiding with toys and treats while talking in soothing tones. Try massaging your cat in circular motions and giving them something familiar, like a blanket or clothing article.

2. Your cat is acting weird because of stress.

Cats hate change more than the most neurotic person you know. Since you moved, your cat has been on edge. Your new apartment is strange, and all of your furniture is not the same. You are now doing your job full-time, so they’re alone most of the day. This might be one of the reasons why your cat is acting weird.

What to do:

Preserve their routine as much as possible by keeping your cat in a separate room with toys, litter box, food, and bed while you pack and move. It would be best if you then kept them in a safe space at your new home while you unpack and rearrange things. Being surrounded by familiar smells and items will help your cat feel at home. Before starting a new job, slowly introduce your cat into the routine by leaving her alone, gradually increasing intervals each day. When you do this, showering them with treats and attention when you return

3. Your cat might be threatened

a cat being threatened fights back!

You just brought home a new cat. Naturally, your old cat wants her dead. They run shrieking across the room, the chaos that ends in a wild flurry of fur. You’re afraid to leave them with no one but each other’s company, and they spray everywhere except the litter box.

What to do:

Make sure that each cat has a safe place to eat and use the litter box, and create pathways with cat trees and maybe shelves. This lets your cats know their territory is not under any threat. Playing with the cats can also redirect the energy they usually use to beat each other up.

4. Your cat is acting weird because they’re sick

It’s merely an inconvenience for you when you step in a pool of their last night’s dinner at 6 a.m., but you should be wary if your cat’s vomiting happens every day. It doesn’t help that a sick cat means a dead cat; this makes cats excellent at hiding signs of illness. If your cat seems lethargic, isn’t eating, drinks excess water, or hides a lot, they might be telling you something is wrong.

What to do:

It may be that this is nothing major, but to be sure you’re not missing a potentially serious health problem, a cat acting weird with these symptoms should be seen immediately by a vet.

5. Your cat might not be your most significant fan

this kitten is surely a fan of her owner!

Technically, this might be your boyfriend’s cat, but the two don’t jive. You try to pet them, but they hide under the coffee table. They then emerge after a few minutes later and lavishes your boyfriend with headbutts right in front of you.

What to do:

Realize that sometimes a cat acting weird might not like you. Just like humans, cats have distinct personalities, so you’re not going to get along with all of them. They’re kind of like children: Even though we’re not supposed to have a favorite, we do.

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