How To Grow Catnip for Your Cat?

cat smelling a catnip plant

Are you wondering how to grow catnip for your cat? We have grown catnip for our felines for the past several years, drying the fallen leaves for usage in toys. It’s effortless and also enjoyable; the plant takes a tiny job.

How to Grow Catnip for Your Cat

I always grow our catnip from seeds, but you can additionally buy tiny catnip plants. I like buying the seeds considering that I know the plant hasn’t been treated with chemicals.

Growing Catnip from Seeds

First, you have to prepare the catnip seeds:

To grow your catnip from seeds, you’ll intend to scarify the seeds initially slightly. John does this by spreading the seeds across a board and utilizing another board to scrub the seeds between them (not grating, just cleaning).

When that’s done, we always saturate the seeds overnight.

The next day, spread out the seeds out to dry.

Catnip such as full sun, although, considering that the sunlight below is hotter than warm, we always grow the catnip next to our well’s pumphouse.

This provides early morning and also midday sunlight. However, it allows the plants to obtain a little break throughout the warmth of the day.

How to Grow Your Catnip

Much of the commercial catnip you purchase originates from the Pacific Northwest, so, as you may picture, it’s a plant that takes a lot of water and doesn’t value 100+ degree days.

After planting, the seeds take between one and also two weeks to sprout. After they grow to about 2 inches tall, you’ll require to spread the plants apart by about 20 inches!

How to Dry Catnip

When it comes time to dry the catnip, just sufficed off and hung it upside-down to completely dry.

Putting it inverted in a paper bag with openings punched in it will permit it to dry. You can then squash the catnip to a powder for use in playthings and also treats!

Where Should You Plant Catnip?

The plants grow about 3 feet tall well as must be put concerning 18 inches apart.

Catnip is a deer-resistant plant (an excellent thing for here!).

Catnip is seasonal, so hopefully, we’ll have catnip in years to come!

To harvest, snip off the plant about eight inches above the soil.

In a typical year, you should get three harvests.

When harvested, pull off the fallen leaves and also completely dry them by spreading them in a single layer in a dry place. After 2 or 3 weeks, the leaves will certainly be dried and ready to squash and a business in cat toys!

Did You Know?

  • Catnip is a member of the mint household.
  • Catnip is seasonal.
  • Deer will not eat catnip (and we can attest to this with our deer population!).
  • Catnip is an all-natural insect repellent.
  • Catnip tea is a natural sedative for humans.
  • It’s NOT safe to consume catnip while pregnant.
  • Not all cats react to catnip.
  • Cats acquire their level of sensitivity to catnip from among their parents.

Does Your Pet cat Like Catnip?

Our felines like catnip–yet that’s not always the case. Some pet cats do–yet others have a take-it-or-leave-it perspective towards the plant.