Enrichment Toys and Concepts for Indoor Cats

black cat playing with enrichment toys

Enrichment toys for cats are one of the many tools you can use to improve the quality of life of your interior pet cat. Because cats are private creatures, spending time to find what your feline especially appreciates is crucial to know what toys to buy and activities to do.

Enrichment toys and Concepts for Indoor Cats

Here are some items as well as things that you might take into consideration obtaining to improve your cat’s life:

Pet cat pheromone

Spray feline pheromone (gently!) on your feline’s bedding and furniture. One generally used brand is Feliway; it’s an artificial copy of the feline scent, which cats use to mark their area as safe.

Cat Trees

Offer pet cat furniture for climbing up and also skipping. You can buy prefabricated feline trees from pet supply stores. The price ranges from affordable to high-end. Where to buy cheap cat toys and furniture, you may ask? Based on experience, online stores are the way to go! You might also dabble into the world of D-I-Y. You can Google “how to make homemade cat trees” to find instructions for this.


You can grow catnip in your backyard. You can also try catnip-filled enrichment toys for cats.


Grow wheatgrass for your feline to munch. You can acquire pet wheatgrass packages either online or at pet supply stores.

Feline drinking water fountain

Acquire your pet cat an alcohol consumption fountain if she drinks running water from the faucet.

Bird feeder

This might seem weird, but you can put a bird feeder near a window where your feline can see the birds.

Feline window perch

To provide your cat a far better view as well as an area to sunbathe, acquire a window perch. These are available at pet supply stores. You can also make one yourself.

Feline exercise wheel

Some felines even appreciate utilizing exercise wheels. To find out more, search for the Family pet Wheel.

Allowing your feline to take pleasure in the outdoors securely

Offer your indoor feline a possibility to experience the open airs securely with the following ideas:

Walking a pet cat

To permit your feline to safely appreciate time outdoors, teach her to walk with the use of a harness. You can acquire harness and jackets in various pet supply stores. Beware of fitting the harness appropriately, so the cat cannot remove it. Train your cat inside the house first. When the cat is already comfortable being in the saddle, you can lead the cat on outdoor adventures.

Catios and cat rooms

There are many other options for pet cats to hang around outdoors safely. Google “catios” or “feline rooms” to obtain some concepts for structures you can buy or build.

Cat enrichment activities for you as well as your feline.

Here are some tips for tasks that your feline and you might appreciate doing with each other:

Connecting with your cat

Find out if your cat, such as stroking, being lugged around, being gently brushed or cleaned.

Reciting to your feline

Review aloud or sing to your cats, and have your kids participate.

Educating a pet cat making use of treats

Teach your cat to find when called, using deals with as an incentive. The very best approach for doing this is clicker training.

Cat food foraging

In nature, the actions that inhabit most felines’ time are searching for food. Indoor kitties have this same instinctual desire. If it’s possible in your home, hide little bits of food around your house so your feline can do the regular feline “job” of locating food. It’s a fun activity that provides your kitten something interesting to do and satisfies that particular element of a cat’s nature.

Cultivating or embracing a second pet cat

If you have only one feline, consider obtaining a second to play with when you’re not in the house. If you’re unsure that you want this, you can opt to foster a cat to see if it suits your lifestyle.

Essential of all: Hang out interacting with your cat doing things you both take pleasure in!